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Kayak and Paddleboard Rentals

Cove Cay Marina Kayak and Paddleboard Rentals

Walk-ins and Call-ins encouraged!

We want to make your water adventures easy, so we encourage walk-ins and call-ins when you want to get out paddling. Call us at (813) 2-PADDLE or walk in today to get your adventure around Cove Cay Marina started!

Call Today!

All rentals are available for all-day renting

Our options for rentals include:

  • Tandem Kayaks and Paddleboards $35 All Day Rental
  • Single Kayaks $25 All Day Rental
  • Quick Tour Provided out of Cove Cay Marina $25 for a group

We are Pet and Family-Friendly!

Take a look below at our furry friends and how much fun they have around the marina!

Enjoy your time at the Cove Cay Marina

We have fantastic times here at our little marina. Includes great natural scenery, beautiful sunsets, and patio area for having your own hangout even if you’re not on the water all day!

Plenty of space, friendly people, and great times to be had by all. Once in a while we even have a manatee friend come by to say hello! There’s plenty of fun to be had by all!

Reserve Your Rental in Advance

If you don’t have time today, we can always accommodate and you can even book your rental in the future. Click on the button below to start your booking for rentals today!

Reserve Today!